"This Book is a Page Turner!"

Dr. Till Neunhöffer.

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"This Book is a Page Turner!"

Dr. Till Neunhöffer

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The Unexpected Gift

The Unexpected Gift reveals the inspiring true-life story of one woman’s journey to self-discovery and renewal after the implosion of her marriage. In her late twenties Barbara Dalle Pezze was living a rich and energetic life yet felt a yearning to engage more fully with the world. This need resulted in the joint decision with her husband to leave their country, Italy, to delve into the wondrous complexities of life in China.

After years of exciting new adventures and partnership between the couple, and just when she thought her life was about to fully blossom, her husband callously delivered news that he wanted a divorce. Completely blindsided and with no real explanation, Barbara was left to fully reexamine the life she thought she knew and forced to start afresh, now alone in a foreign country, with some doors permanently closed behind her and a new blank canvas in front of her.

This powerful memoir tells a healing story that touches the depth of the most excruciating pain and the height of the most graceful love.

A journey similar to what many go through when met with unexpected and traumatic life events. At times both brutal and beautiful, this inner journey and exploration led Barbara to embrace a more authentic life and ultimately she was able to emerge anew after the unthinkable.

Perhaps most importantly, The Unexpected Gift is a source of strength and roadmap for others experiencing seismic disruptions in their lives as well as for those dedicated friends and loved ones who are helping them through those difficult times

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When we go through pain, transformation occurs. When we face death, we feel life intensely, and we are left with a longing for that authenticity that only can stand in front of the truth.

It does not really matter if what we live through is a small challenge compared to what others might go through; we feel our own pain and we have to respect it. Be it a breakup, a divorce, a life-threatening disease or the death of someone we love, these events take us through a journey that moves us from where we are to a new dimension where we can decide to live as transformed human beings.

This has been my story.

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