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The Unexpected Gift

by Dr. Barbara Dalle Pezze

Life and executive coach, author and philosopher Barbara Dalle Pezze, in her book The Unexpected Gift reveals the inspiring true-life story of one woman’s journey to self-discovery and renewal after the implosion of her marriage.

This powerful memoir tells a healing story that touches the depth of the most excruciating pain and the height of the most graceful love.

The Unexpected Gift is a source of strength and roadmap for others experiencing seismic disruptions in their lives as well as for those dedicated friends and loved ones who are helping them through those difficult times.



Coach. Author. Speaker

With more than 18 years of global experience, Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D., is recognized as an exceptional coach and leadership development expert,  author and speaker, distinguished by her capacity to inspire and empower, and by her unique ability to connect and tune in with people from highly diverse cultures and backgrounds.

From China to Singapore, from Italy to the US, from Canada to Australia, Barbara has partnered with the most diverse and extraordinary individuals, inspiring them to own who they are, explore who they can be, access what’s possible beyond the ordinary, and tap into an extraordinary life of their own design.

With her intellect, heart and passion Barbara fascinates, inspires and transforms lives. 



How I can support you


Coaching is a co-creative process. It is a partnership between a coach and a coachee based on trust. 

It is a process that facilitates the exploration of needs, challenges, desires and dreams.

Partnering with Barbara is an extraordinary creative experience. 

You will be inspired to move beyond your comfort zone and achieve unprecedented and seemingly impossible results.



Online Training

I understand the value of having a healthy body, no matter its shape and form. It makes us feel good and we savor life differently.

The Path To Inner Fitness Program is an online program that helps you complement you physical fitness, adding profound health and beauty from the inside-out.

To help you develop Inner Fitness for a passionate and healthy life, is the goal of this program.


Leadership Consulting

To be influential and effective as a leader, one must be confident and comfortable with oneself and when interacting with others.

Our programs focus on team building, emotional mastery and cross-cultural collaboration. We help you deepen your awareness about yourselves as a leader and expand your ability to build trust, cooperation and effectiveness in your relationships at work and in life.



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